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Blue corn has long been revered by Navajo and Hopi tribes as a ceremonial corn. These open-pollinated varieties had numerous deficiencies for today’s modern agricultural production environment. Our blue corn has been specifically bred in order to retain the characteristics of the original Indian blue corn, while incorporating the desired agronomic traits, such as better stalk strength, resistance to various diseases, and increased yields.

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Health Benefits of Blue Corn

Studies have shown that blue corn is higher in the amino acid lysine, the antioxidant anthocyanin, zinc and iron than most yellow or white corn. Blue corn also contains Vitamins A and Thiamine, B2, and niacin. Research has found that blue corn tortillas contain more protein than their yellow or white corn counterparts, as well as lower starch content and lower glycemic index (GI). Food with a lower starch and lower GI breaks down more slowly into sugars absorbed by the blood stream and can help people avoid spikes in blood sugar levels, which can be helpful for people on low GI diets, such as diabetics.

The health benefits of blue corn tortillas have been featured in many publications, including well-known publications such as Bicycling, Reuters Health, and WebMD.

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