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Your Organic & Non-GMO Food Grade Grain Provider

Locally Grown & Trusted

We grow with organic and non-gmo farmers we know and trust, and in fields we have walked across.

We are proud of our speciality grain products. Our research and breeding continues in order to provide the highest quality organic blue corn and other specialty grains at an affordable price.

Your trust in our products is verified by organic, Non-GMO Project, kosher, and food grade plant inspections.

Typical uses for our products are for corn tortilla chips, corn tortillas, masa production, speciality distillery grains, posole, flour, and any other non gluten food products. 


Blue Corn

  • Distinctive Taste
  • Appealing Color
  • Nutritional Benefits
  • Hard Endosperm
  • Heirloom is Soft Endosperm
  • Health Benefits
  • Gluten Free


Red Corn

  • Hard Endosperm (Except Heirloom)
  • Consistent Starch Content
  • Uniform Cooking and Good Yield
  • Large Kernel
  • Unique Color
  • Gluten Free


White Corn

  • Excellent Milling Qualities
  • Consistent Starch Content
  • Hard Endosperm
  • Easy Pericarp Removed
  • Uniform Cooking and Good Yield
  • Gluten Free 

Yellow Corn

  • Excellent Milling Qualities
  • Consistent Starch Content
  • Hard Endosperm
  • Easy Pericarp Removal
  • Uniform Cooking and Good Yield
  • Gluten Free

Green Corn

  •  Hard Endosperm (Except Heirloom)
  •  Intriguing Color
  •  Distinctive Taste
  •  Gluten Free


Grain Sorghum

  • Threshes Mostly Free of Glumes
  • Excellent for Flour and Other Processed Products/Snack Foods
  • Used for Popping
  • Gluten Free
  • White Color



We grow with Farmers & Families we know.


Identity of products are preserved from fields to delivery.


We deliver these specialty grains to your door.

Sunny State Products, Inc.
PO Box 6
2413 State Hwy 469
San Jon, NM 88434

Fax: 575-576-2242 


Ordering and Shipping Options

We offer year-round supplies and forward contracting. Contact us for current pricing and to arrange shipping for your order. Mixed product shippments available.

Quantities Available

– Truck Load Lots

  • Bulk (45,000 – 50,000 lbs)
  • Tote (2,000 – 2,500 lbs)
  • 50lb bags

– Less than Truck Load Lots (LTL)

– Domestic/Household use – 20lb


  • Just in Time Shipments
  • Freight arranged at your request with no markup

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